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Kaotik Puzzle brings together four different types of play, three inspired by popular puzzle game genres, one that seems completely original, and not only lets you play whatever of the four catches your fancy, but it goes further: Kaotik Puzzle lets you go head to head in local and Xbox Live multiplayer with each of you playing different puzzle games, to see how your skill in your preferred puzzle game matches up against your opponent’s skill in their favourite mode. It’s intriquing, it works well, and it gives the game a lot of value for 240 Microsoft Points.



Kaotik Puzzle is an action-puzzle videogame for up to two players versus, in which you win by filling your opponent screen with blocks. You will receive blocks from your opponent. When there is no free space in you screen you lose. You can defend yourself by arranging the blocks to make them disappear, so you make more free space. When you make disappear your blocks creating chain reactions, you will send attacks to your opponent.

Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.