A great definition of what Kaotik Puzzle is


from gaygamer.net:

Kaotik Puzzle – 240 MS points. The best way I can think of to describe Kaotik Puzzle is as the Super Smash Bros or Marvel vs Capcom of puzzle games. Kaotik Puzzle is a head-to-head puzzle game for two players competitively, but that’s not where the comparison comes from. There are 7 characters to choose from, each of whom moves blocks around in different ways. There’s a Bejeweled character, Bejeweled Twist, Puzzle League, and many others. Essentially, it’s like a grudge match between different puzzle game formulas. Or, if you don’t like any of the preset characters, you can customize your own choosing from 5 ways to move the blocks and 9 patterns for clearing them, allowing the game to become just about any puzzle game you could want it to be. Even if you can’t find someone else to play against, there are five AI settings to play against that can offer quite the formidable challenge. If you’re a puzzle fan then Kaotik Puzzle is pretty much a required download.

Read the full article.

Available on Xbox Live Marketplace.


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